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If you want to enjoy a hiking or biking tour in the French Alps, Chamonix will reserve you many surprises during your stay! You won't need to climb Mont Blanc to enjoy a breathtaking view of the whole territory. However, a minimum of equipment and preparation is required.  The weather can be cold in the mornings and at night, especially in autumn, and it is not uncommon for the weather to turn from a beautiful summer sun to a bitter winter cold. Therefore, remember to be careful in choosing the equipment you carry with you.


Hiking boots with good grip are essential during a summer hike in Chamonix. In spring, early summer and autumn you may have to walk on a snowy trail, so a hiking boot is also essential. In addition, to descend Lac Blanc, you will have to climb down a very slippery metal ladder along a mountain cliff, which is quite dangerous even for the daredevils. So remember to pack the right hiking boots to make the most of every moment.


Weatherproof clothes are the most recommended. It is always better to be over-prepared than the other way round. The wind is strong and can bring heavy rain. So make sure you have warm clothing and a parka to keep you warm while protecting you from the wind and rain just in case!

A hiking map

You can get a hiking map, guest maps and train and bus timetables from the hotel reception or the tourist office. You will need the hotel map and bus and train timetables as you may start a route on foot from Argentière and end it in Chamonix, Le Tour or Col des Montets. Taking the bus or train will then be a great help.  If you don't want to walk back in total darkness, remember to calculate your movements carefully.

A supply of food and water

If it is a full day hike, from 8am to about 6pm, then pack your food for at least 3 meals. Also make sure you carry enough water. There are not many water stops along the trail, and even if there are, they may be temporarily closed.

Choosing a place to stay

After hiking the trails and mountains on your Chamonix hike, you'll definitely need a rest. Hotel les Grands Montets offers a comfortable bed, a wellness area after a long day of hiking, and all the amenities you need. Forget the daily worries, put yourself in the hands of professionals and enjoy a relaxing stay in the heart of nature. 
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