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Sanitary Measures

Sanitary Measures

The well-being, the safety and the health of our guests, our providers and employees, being our utmost priority, we take great care in following the recommendations and guidelines of our government and authorities. Rest assured that we are monitoring the spread of the Covid-19 closely and that we are following the guidelines of the health authorities to ensure that we are prepared to address the current circumstances. In this sense, we established additional cleaning and hygiene measures aiming to provide safe and clean environments for our guests and colleagues :

- Our team is receiving ongoing briefings and enhanced operating/cleaning protocols (cleaning protocols, guests welcoming, security training…).

We raise awareness of the risks viruses and bacteria represent among our team, our providers, partners and guests; and alert them to the instructions they have to respect.

- All our cleaning products are virucidal and able to remove Covid-19 from high risk surfaces. - The frequency of cleaning our public areas has been increased, several times a day : elevator, lobby, public toilets, bar, breakfast room…with particular attention to high-touch items such as door handlers, room keys, lift button... - The front-of-house and back-of-house are cleaned often in order to avoid the spread of the virus. - We have added cleaning and disinfecting protocols when cleaning guests’rooms being extra diligent with light switches, door handlers, safety boxes, TV remote controls, phones, taps… -Antiseptic hand sanitizers have been placed throughout the hotel. -

The wellness center is opened on free access from 7am to 9pm, sauna, hot tub and steam room are opened from 4pm to 9pm (or before that time but on request). - Dematerialized payment are favored. - QR codes have been set for several information. Despite those measures, you can expect to receive the same excellent service as you always received and all the team members will be there to welcome you with their smile, to ensure your happiness and help you to spend a memorable stay in the valley of Chamonix.