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Lac Blanc & lacs des Chéserys
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Lac Blanc & lacs des Chéserys

The Lac Blanc is one of the great hiking classics in the valley and has good reasons to be !  The view over the Mont-Blanc is exceptional ! The easiest way to access the Lac Blanc is to get the lift up to Flégere from the village of les Praz. From Flégere a one hour and half walk will lead you up to the lake. Many other paths lead to the Lac Blanc and hikers looking for a bit more of a challenge can walk up from any of the following places : Argentière, Tré-les Champ, or Col des Montets (a three to four hours walk depending on the path).
These itineraries cut through the Col des Montets nature reserve where it is not unusual to come face to face with a bouquetin (ibex), a chamois, or even a marmotte ! No dogs are allowed in the nature reserves though ! You will also be passing by the Cheserys lake on the way, magnificent and more remote. On the track leading up to the Lac Blanc from Tré-les Champs, there are however a few ladders to climb in order to get past the steepest parts of trail which does not make this path accessible to all. 
Another beautiful hike which starts off in Flégere crosses Planpraz on the Brévent area. Do not forget to watch your step now and again as you will certainly be blinded by the fascinating view on the opposite mountains !
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